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2022 County Show Entry Forms

Equine schedule and entry form 

Equine Showing

2022 Equine Schedule

2022 Showing Entry Form


Outdoor Trade Space

We welcome applications from traders of all sizes. The majority of our trade space is 'open' - ie, we only have a limited number of covered spaces available.  

2022 Trade Application Form


Catering Concession

The RIWCS celebrates the very best of the Isle of Wight, including our food providers. We will be looking for a variety of catering concessions to suit different tastes and budgets. We particularly welcome applications from Wight Marque members who use certified Isle of Wight produce.

2022 Catering Concession Application Form


Southern Co-op Food Pavilion

The Food Pavilion, sponsored by Southern Co-op, celebrates the best of local Isle of Wight food. 

2022 Food Pavilion Application Form 


Island Arts Area

2022 Island Arts Application Form


I Love Wight Makers' Market

I Love Wight Makers' Market is an exclusive marquee for high quality handcrafted goods from Island artisans. 

Please contact Jayne Booth at 



Pig Class List and Entry Form



2022 Poultry Schedule coming soon

2022 Poultry Entry Form coming soon

Poultry Sales Entry Form



2022 Livestock Schedule 

2022 Livestock Entry Form


Fun Dog Show

Fun Dog Show Classes List coming soon


Show Jumping

2022 Showjumping Schedule - please see Equine Schedule for details

2022 Showjumping Entry Form - please see Equine Schedule for details


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